5 Action Cams That Are Under $80 (A.K.A. 5 cams that are cheaper and often better than the Akaso EK7000)

Links to cams are found below. I sorted them by price in the video. Here’s some action cams under $80 that have decent performance. This video is a response to several comments on the EK7000 video that claim there can’t be a camera that is cheaper/better than the EK7000…

In order that I would recommend them:

SooCoo C30:
USA: http://dreki.tech/c30-amazon

Dazzne P2+:
USA: http://dreki.tech/p2-amazon
UK: http://amazon.co.uk/dp/B01N0OVKG4

USA: http://dreki.tech/odrvm-amazon
Canada: http://dreki.tech/odrvm-ca
UK: http://amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M8KRU4W

Eken H9R:
USA: http://dreki.tech/h9r-amazon
Canada: http://dreki.tech/h9r-ca
UK: http://amazon.co.uk/dp/B01AEFVPV8

If you don’t need the remote you can save $10 – $20 on the Eken H9r by just ordering the H9 (no remote!) just choose the option from the listing above.

H9R Cheap / International:

Lightdow LD4000:
USA: http://dreki.tech/ld4000-amazon
Canada: http://dreki.tech/ld4000-ca

Honourable mentions to Xiaomi Yi (the best of the bunch but only available below $80 from overseas suppliers. Make sure to choose the option with the waterproof case otherwise the camera comes solo): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/original-xiaomi-yi-action-camera/32791620205.html

I mixed some old footage and new footage to get this, and I had to borrow¬†cams. It took a lot longer to put together than it should have. Unfortunately I’m not going to have enough time with those cams to do full length reviews.

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