What Dash Cam Should I Buy?

If you’re looking for a dash cam there’s no need to spend a lot of money to get something with good video quality and high reliability. My list of recommended dash cams includes cameras with solid rebiews and proven reliability. My advice: if you’re looking at a cam not listed here do some homework and look for reviews on Youtube, Dashcamtalk and other enthusiast sites. If you can’t find any chances are the cam is a generic and not worth your time.

General Recommendation: Viofo A119-C

Why: This camera has excellent video quality both day and night, with 1440p resolution. The camera is wedge shaped and hides easily behind the rear view mirror. Viofo has a great track record for delivering quality products at a budget price. If you’re in the market for your first dash cam or just need an upgrade from a G1W look no further. This camera features the best combination of price and performance, coming in at under $100 with GPS.

Budget Recommendation: Viofo A118-C

Why: It’s a basic 1080p cam with decent video quality. The model is a couple years old at this point, so it’s tried and true. If you’re even cheaper you can get the generic B40C which is more or less the same thing. In exchange for a few dollars you get slightly worse video quality.

Another viable budget option is the Yi Dashcam from Xiaomi. This camera shares many features with the more expensive dash cams including a slightly higher resolution than 1080p and wi-fi capabilities, but the tradeoff is that it is based on a battery and not the most discreet camera. With a current list price of $49 USD it is a great deal.

Best Dual Cam: None Yet

Why: Current market cameras with two lenses and one processor compromise on performance in some way or another. They may have great video from a single camera but usually one cam is very poor quality. The cost of dual cam setups often is far higher than buying two separate cams. My recommendation is to buy two Viofo A119s: mount one in front and the other on the back. It is a little bit more work to set up, but the video quality and reliability of both cameras will be far higher. To save money, buy one cam with the GPS mount and the other without. And don’t forget to buy a longer USB cable! You’ll need it.

Best High-End Camera: Coming Soon

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