What Van Scam Projector – Ikon IK900 Unboxing and Review

What do you actually get when you buy a projector out a random van in the parking lot of a Canadian Tire? Well, watch the video to find out!

What is the white van scam? Well, people in the back of a van drive up and say “we have a high quality product that we have got to get rid of. The list price is $$$$$! You can have it for only $$!” People get tricked into buying cheap no name products that (usually) work but don’t work all that well. Usually for the price you paid you can get a better quality product at a retail store.

This kind of projector is pretty garbage. I found it amusing how the deeper we got into the box, the lower the resolution the projector advertised. Some of the features were surprising though. It has Android built in with 1GB of storage, 386MB of Ram and an 854×480 resolution. The brightness is advertised as 7200 lumens but I believe it is closer to 1,000.

Want a projector? I use an Epson HC2040, but they have a decent cheap 720p one that I have seen for as low as $299 on sale (refurb):

Epson 720p: http://dreki.tech/740hd-amz
Epson 1080p: http://dreki.tech/hc2040-amz

Canada: http://dreki.tech/hc2040-ca

Amaz-Play HDP-100 Pico Projector Review

This Amaz-Play HDP-100 projector is a compact projector with acceptable brightness and a sharp picture, but the picture is too blue and the fan is quite loud. It works fine for movies and multimedia but for applications that require accurate colour I would recommend looking at the WH-80B or something with 100+ lumens instead. 

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AmazPlay WH80B-M Pico Projector Review

Summary:  While it’s a little bit expensive for the features, this projector combines good picture quality with a nice build and excellent battery life, making it a good choice for those who want a projector that can be charged by USB. Just note that it will not run off of USB power unless the power bank is capable of supplying 2.4A. Were the AmazPlay priced at $229 it would be easier to recommend, but as it stands there is the AAXA ST-200 at the same price, which has less battery life but is native 720p (and resolution is one of the more important aspects of these projectors). For only a few dollars more the AAXA P5 has identical battery life, is brighter and has 720p too, but is bigger. Taking into consideration the size and battery life of this projector, it’s a good option compared to many of the other 480p projectors available at this price point.

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