Furibee F60 4K Action Cam Review

Unboxing and First Impressions

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Sure, the color and exposure is a bit off, the framerate of the 4K is too low (not real 4K) and the 1080p 60 looks like it’s been scaled up from 720p… But funny thing, from my preliminary tests this camera does better sharpness wise than many other cams I’ve tested that are also based on the Allwinner V3 / IMX179 (that are often 3x the price!). I can forgive a $25 cam for these issues but when resellers are selling these things for $75 – $150… Hell no! If you buy one, buy it at this price instead.

Despite it being so cheap, the video and photos are a bit sharper and more detailed than the other IMX179 cams I have tested, but the color and exposure is definitely off in some situations. I wouldn’t recommend this camera to someone who needs the highest resolution and accurate color but if you’re just looking for something cheap to toss around, hell, it at least turns on and films video without freezing. Stick to 2K30 or 1080p30 for best results.

Since the Lightdow LD-4K is sold out, this is likely going to be the best case scenario for a sub $30 cam now.

The fun thing about these cams is that they are fully hackable, since they run a version of Android called Camdroid.

Hacking info is available on: http://www.goprawn.com

Full Review

The full review, as well as the written review is coming soon. Right now it is too early to make definitive conclusions about this camera.

Samples and Comparisons
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