iMuto 10,000 mAh Battery Bank Review



Rating: 4.5/5


  • EXTREMELY fast charging with one device plugged in
  • Charges a 3,000 mAh phone approximately 2.5x when the phone is not in use
  • About the width and height of a credit card
  • Takes approximately 5 hours to recharge the battery bank
  • Digital screen shows exact percentage of power left
  • Decent quality micro USB cable included


  • Charging two devices simultaneously slows their charge speed to near 1 A
  • Plastic build doesn’t feel as solid as metal would

Summary:  The iMuto 10,000 mAh battery bank is my favorite that I have tested so far, with efficient charging speed and a decent build quality. The bank charges a single device very fast but slows a little when charging multiple devices. Its features and performance are above average but consistent across the board.

Where to Buy

iMuto 10,000 mAh Battery Bank:
Amazon U.S.A. | Amazon Canada
Price at time of review: $21.99

Build Quality & Appearance

The iMuto battery bank looks pretty good. This battery bank would be great for a weekend get away with no access to electricity – it contains just over two full charges for the average Android smartphone. The width and height of the charger are just a little bit bigger than a credit card, but the bank is quite thick. You wouldn’t want this battery bank in the same pocket as your phone – it’s big enough to require its own pocket. The build is plastic, but still feels quite solid.

Charging Speed & Efficiency

The battery is quite efficient, averaging just over two full recharges of my LG G4 while using the phone and about 2.5 recharges when the phone is turned off. The bank recharges itself in about 5 hours with a high-speed charger and takes significantly longer with a 1 A charger. The battery bank charges my phone at a full 2.1 A speed when it’s the only thing plugged in, but it does slow to around 1.5 A with multiple devices plugged in. This battery bank also holds its power quite well and hasn’t lost any charge after a week of sitting in the cupboard. It was ready to go when I needed it.

Other Notes

The LCD screen is great and there’s a little button on the side to get a power readout at any time. At first I couldn’t find the instructions, but then I realized that they’re on the inside of the outer packaging. That’s quite the cool design, but I wish it was a little more obvious right off the bat. You won’t really need any instructions though, as using a battery bank is quite straightforward.


The iMuto 10,000 mAh battery bank is the best I’ve used so far, with a compact size and high capacity. Performance is great for a single device, but only average for multiple devices. It is still far better than any other battery banks I have tested so far and presents a good combination of price and performance.

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