MayLit LED Strip Review



Rating: 4/5

What I Like: 

  • Colourful and smooth light output with no flickering
  • Extremely easy peel and stick installation
  • Thick, high-quality LED strips included
  • Package includes flexible corner pieces
  • Remote and battery included

What I Don’t Like:

  • Included USB cable is too short and the plug is not a standard Mini/Micro USB connection
  • Could use another 1m of LEDs
  • Not bright enough for other applications

Conclusion:  The MayLit LED strips are a neat way to add a little bit of ambiance to a TV room. I stuck them to the back of my computer desk to illuminate my computer area and it makes it easier to read things and see my keyboard. The set is a bit on the expensive side at the time of review, but what is included seems to be higher quality than other LED strip kits I’ve purchased. The LEDs themselves are housed in a thick flexible rubbery coating that is backed with adhesive and there are flexible corner pieces included. They slide together with 4-pin adapters and you can stick them to just about anything. There are options for dimming, changing colour and fade/flash on the remote. The set is only 6 feet / 2 meters long, but that was just enough to cover my screens and illuminate behind my monitors. It would be nice if it include another 2x 0.5m LED strips because as it is, the strips are a bit too short to go all the way around the outside of a large TV. These LEDs are not all that bright, so they might not be as useful in other applications such as general room lighting. Also, the included USB cable is far too short. Do note that if your USB port is more than 6 inches from where you wish to place the LEDs you will need an extension cable or a 5v/1a power plug that fits. Overall, this set made my computer desk look a little nicer, although I wish there were more LEDs included and that they were a little bit brighter.

Where to Buy

Maylit LED Strip Kit:
Amazon U.S.A. | Amazon Canada
Price at time of review: $29.99

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