Neewer Speedlight Softbox Review



Rating: 4/5


  • Compatible with any flash
  • Softens light without adding and strange colour tones
  • Compact and folds into a nearly flat surface for easy storage and transport


  • Doesn’t hold its shape particularly well
  • Included strap is way too long

Conclusion:  Speedlight softboxes are a great way to soften the light from a flash, and the Neewer softbox will do the job. It’ll look a little bit wrinkled and flat, as it does not hold its shape particularly well, but it does manage to diffuse the light without adding any weird tones. I had to cut down the included strap to make it fit properly on my smaller flashes, but that was easy enough to do. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase as it does what it promises, but due to the wrinkled look the Neewer softbox doesn’t look very professional.

Where to Buy

Neewer Flash Softbox Diffuser:
Amazon U.S.A. | Amazon Canada
Price at time of review: $9.99

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