NewRice Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Review



Rating: 4.5/5


  • High quality audio transmission
  • Works with built in battery or USB power
  • Easy to set up and pair
  • Compact size, smaller than an MP3 player
  • Excellent range
  • Solid build quality


  • Noticeable latency with some receivers

Summary:  The NewRice Bluetooth audio transmitter is a great choice for transmitting music. The setup is easy and audio transmitted is clear, without any discernible loss in quality. Some combinations of this transmitter/receiver result in slight latency, so be wary if you plan on using it to watch TV, but for music this generally isn’t an issue.

Where to Buy

NewRice Bluetooth transmitter:
Amazon U.S.A. | Amazon Canada
Price at time of review: $29.99

Build Quality & Appearance

The NewRice transmitter is matte plastic and feels solid in the hands. The button has a nice click to it and the ports feel tight. The appearance is subtle and easy to hide with other technology, or it could just be stuck to the back of a display.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of the NewRice transmitter is excellent. It transmits at full volume with a great range of tone considering it uses A2DP. I detected no drop in audio quality compared to other Bluetooth devices that also use A2DP. I compared with my phone, computer, and an mp3 player. The only thing worth noting is that for watching TV/Movies, with some receivers there is a slight delay. It seems to be hit-or-miss as certain combinations make this worse than others. Using the built-in transmitter on my computer seems to compensate for this delay, however since the NewRice transmitter is not connected to any data port on the computer it has no way of knowing that it is there. On the media player I use I was able to offset a few frames and that fully fixed it, however it’s not the ideal fix for everyone as certain apps don’t have this feature (Netflix, or TVs). In about half the cases there was no issues as some headphones worked entirely fine – it seemed to be a toss up between the combination of this transmitter and receiver. Just note before you buy that this transmitter is better for music than it is for TV.

Battery Life

Battery life is about four hours, give or take a little bit. The battery doesn’t seem like a primary feature, more of a second thought, but it’s a nice feature to have in case your output device isn’t near an extra plug-in. I pocketed my mp3 player with a short line-in cable and used my Bluetooth headphones while doing chores and that was pretty cool, but I could have just had the same effect with my phone.


The NewRice transmitter is extremely easy to connect. At first I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to figure it out, given that there’s no screen and only one button, but the process was very straightforward – set my receiver to its pairing mode, turn on the transmitter and it automatically found and connected the audio device. This worked without issue on all headphones and speakers I tested it with. Once paired, the receiver will automatically connect to any two devices. Figuring out how to overwrite one of the saved devices was quite straightforward as well – just don’t have the first two devices in range and it will automatically pair. The transmitter will output simultaneously to two receivers.

Connectivity & Signal

This little transmitter has quite the distance on it. I had no issue reaching about 20 feet, and it even worked through walls. Of course, being closer and within line-of-sight helped for latency, but this could easily transmit to two rooms that are beside each other or even into a third room in some cases.


The NewRice transmitter has great audio quality. I’ve been using it all week with various headphones and receivers until I found the ideal set up that works with little latency. It’s a good way to painlessly turn a ‘dumb’ device into a Bluetooth audio transmitter but because of the latency issue I would recommend buying primarily for wireless music streaming.

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