PDP Afterglow Xbox 360 Controller Review


Rating: 4/5


  • Really cool design
  • Wonderful feeling buttons and sticks
  • Solidly built
  • Plug-and-Play on Windows PCs


  • LEDs are way too bright
  • No brightness settings
  • Grip is super slick and slippery

Summary:  I’ve been using this as my go to controller for playing games on my PC. The controls are responsive and the overall design is comfortable. However the clear plastic is quite slippery and can be hard to hold in tense situations.

Where to Buy

PDP Afterglow for XBOX 360:
Amazon U.S.A. || Canada


Build Quality & Appearance

The controller looks great and the see through design is wonderful. However, because it is clear it is made of quite slick plastic. This can become problematic if your hands tend to heat up during gaming – you will have a slippery controller.


All of the buttons feel nice, with just the right amount of spring. The sticks have good tension and the triggers a slight click. The rumble is as expected.

The biggest problem with the controller is just how bright the lights are. Unfortunately there is no setting to dim them and I found that in a dark room they reflect off of my glossy screen and are distracting. I mostly end up leaving them turned off.


The cord is long enough that it reaches, but not too long, and made of a thick plastic. It feels quite high quality and has the standard Xbox break away.


Other Notes

Price at time of review: $29.99 USD



I feel that this is a great after market controller for the price. There needs to be something to justify buying an after market controller for PC gaming when the regular Xbox controller is only a few dollars more. The design stands out with the controller and all the buttons feel great. Hopefully it’ll hold up to the standard gaming abuse.





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