SJCam SJ5000x Elite Review


Rating: 3.5/5


  • Bright, colourful and sharp video
  • No dropped frames
  • Fantastic 2-inch screen
  • More buttons mean the camera is easier to control
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Good assortment of included mounting hardware


  • Gyro stabilization is less effective than competitors
  • Using stabilization crops the image significantly
  • Tends to blow out highlights
  • Photos appear smudged and lack detail
  • Dark and murky night recording

Conclusion:  The SJCam has some great features, from its giant, beautiful screen to its extra buttons, but a few issues with image quality and stabilization hold it back from being my favorite action camera. For the most part, the video it records is fantastic – but it often blows out highlights in order to achieve a bright foreground. The stabilization could be better and a lot is lost in the crop. It was a close race with its competitors and unfortunately they just edged out the SJcam, but it is only held back by itself and many of the issues it currently has could be addressed in a future firmware upgrade. This camera has a lot of potential but still feels unfinished.

Where to Buy

SJCam SJ5000x Elite:
Amazon U.S.A. | Amazon Canada |Gearbest
Price at time of review: $139.99

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  1. Please help me out.
    I want buy either gitup git 2 or sjcam 5000x elite. I want the stabilisation of gitup but it is difficult to get its accessories so I want to ask if sjcam 5000x elite gyro has improved in firmware updates?

  2. Plz reply asap

    • With Git2 @ $98 USD I would recommend that. Otherwise SooCoo C30 if you’re going even cheaper, it is comparable to the SJ5000x Elite.

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