SJCam SJ7 Star Unboxing

The SJcam SJ7 Star gives good first impressions with a solid body and a decent build. Here’s what comes in the box, and what to expect from a future review.

SJCam M20 vs Gitup Git2 Pro

It’s difficult to choose between these two cameras and a lot of it comes down to what you’re looking for in a camera. If you’re looking for something straightforward with decent video quality out of camera and easier operation, buy the M20. If you’re interested in a camera that can be tweaked and customized and has better audio, go for the Git2.

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SJCam M20 Review

Summary:  This is my favorite SJCam I’ve tested to date, with excellent daylight recording and a unique form factor. Aside from some needed improvements with the gyro and low light recording, this is a good option for those looking for a budget action camera.

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OnePaa X2000 FPV Camera Review

The X2000 has tack sharp 2K video with good color and exposure. It includes a mounting system for drone and FPV use but is not compatible with most action cam hardware. The camera does not have a screen, but instead includes a 5.8ghz wireless video transmitter.

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Tech Deal: SJCam SJ5000x Elite, $119 USD

I’ve been eyeing up this camera for a while, as SJCam is known to make some of the better budget GoPro knock-offs. At $119 it’s a steal for an action cam with a Sony sensor and image stabilizing, though note that the video isn’t true 4K – just upscaled from 2k. If you’re not ready to take the plunge without a proper review, I will be receiving one soon to review so hang tight!

SJCam SJ5000x Elite – Regular $149.99, Sale $119.99

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Expires: January 30th, 2016