Vemico 4K Action Cam Review

Vemico 4K Action Camera

Vemico 4K Action Camera

Video - Day


    Video - Night


      Audio Recording


        Still Images


          Build Quality


            User Interface


              Battery Life


                What I Like

                • Decent user interface
                • Acceptable battery life
                • Vibrant screen

                What I Don't Like

                • 1080p 60 video is disgracefully bad
                • Audio quality is poor
                • Fake 4K looks like a kid drew it with crayons

                I decided to give the V3 + IMX179 platform another shot to see if it had improved. Spoiler alert: it has not. Don’t buy these cheap trash cams. The “1080p” video looks like an old VHS tape or a kid drawing with crayons. The 1440p video is OK, but it has issues too (see the shot after the credit clip for a “fun” example).

                Long story short, don’t buy these cheap cameras.

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