ZLS 5000 mAh Battery Pack Review



Rating: 2.5/5


  • Metal case
  • Consistent 1A charge speed
  • Hand-warmer function works quite well


  • Only a single USB port
  • Maximum 1A output
  • Terrible quality cable included
  • Gets extremely hot when charging high-drain devices
  • Maximum 1A input, slow to recharge

Conclusion:  In the world of portable battery packs, the ZLS 5,000 mAh battery pack just doesn’t make the cut. There’s far too many compromises – for example, it only outputs a maximum of 1A, and the build quality is questionable. The device feels like it is going to fall apart and if the cable is not sitting straight it will not charge. The hand warmer function is interesting, but in my opinion it is just a cover up to address how hot this charger gets when it is charging high-drain devices. It works very well, too well in fact, and I found myself nearly burnt on multiple occasions. Also, the charger (weirdly) came with a completely unrelated Hello Kitty bag. Overall, while this device does charge your phone, there are many far better options out there.

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