The Etekcity Wireless Remote Outlets are functional wireless outlets. I’ve got two of these activating lights around my house and one on my home theater power bar so I don’t have to reach behind the TV every time to turn it on and off. They’ve saved me a lot of effort in that regard and completely cater to my laziness. Set up was super easy too: just plug them in and they worked.

This camera’s build quality is fantastic. It is a solid piece of kit. However the reliability issues make it highly problematic for me. Am I missing something here? I tried all my basic troubleshooting but still could not get it to work as intended. Mostly everything else about this camera was rock solid. But what is a dashcam if it is not reliable? Not something I would recommend buying that’s for sure.

The Neewer VK750 II leaves me wondering why I bothered to buy expensive brand name flashes in the past. For 1/6th the cost of a Nikon SB-700, the VK750 II offers a nearly identical flash in form, power and function. If you understand the limitations of this flash, it’ll save you a ton of money and you’ll be just as happy with it as you are with the name brand alternative.

This is the second set of MT-200 brakes I have bought, and whether they are real Shimano or not is kinda up to question. However after 1 year of riding on them I can say that quality, longevity and performance has been good enough to highly recommend if you want to swap your bike over to disc brakes but don’t want to spend $100 – $300 doing it. These brakes perform well, are fairly sleek and easy to work on. It’s actually cheaper to replace the entire brake set than it is to get a bleed or cable extension done at a local shop! All that being said I’m very happy with this purchase and even over a year later I continue to use these brakes without issue.

In the market for a home theatre projector that doesn’t break the bank? Although a few years old at this point, the Epson HC2040 (aka HC2045) is a few years old at this point but has solid reviews, is quiet in eco, bright and should last a long time to come. Projector technology does not change very quick and if you want a bright image, at the expense of deep blacks, this projector is the way to go. Especially if you can find it second hand (check the hours used) or at half off retail!