5 Action Cam Christmas Gift Ideas for All Budgets

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Does someone in your house want an action cam for Christmas, but you don’t want to spend GoPro money? We’ve got you covered! Below is our list of top action cams for December 2018 at any price point, from cheapest to most expensive. Merry Christmas!

#1. SooCoo C30 – $46.99

Amazon US Link

This is a basic 1080p 60 action cam with stabilisation. It’s the kind of camera to get if you’re not super picky about video quality and/or can’t justify spending the big bucks on name brand cameras. The vast majority of people will be happy with this camera, and it would be great for a kid! The video it takes is decent considering the price. But if you can swing it, I recommend stepping up to our next choice.

#2. Akaso V50 / Thieye T5 Edge – $109.99

Amazon USA || Amazon Canada || Amazon UK || International

The next step up has real 4K with stabilisation! I found these cameras have decent colour balance overall and are quite good during the day. The big downside is iffy audio quality, which is why I highly recommend the next step up.

P.S. I’ve put the link to the slightly more expensive V50 Pro because it has a touch screen, but you can save a few bucks with the regular V50 if you don’t need a touch screen.

#3. Firefly 8SE – $119.99

International Seller

This is my current recommended camera in terms of cost versus performance. While it only has stabilisation in the 1080p 60 format, it has real 4K with accurate colour, excellent image quality and some of the best audio I’ve heard in an action cam. Unfortunately since it comes from overseas it is getting a bit late to get this cam in time for Christmas unless you choose rush shipping at an extra fee (note: some countries will have import fees for foreign sellers). This is the camera I consistently come back to shoot with even after testing others.

#4. SJCam SJ8 Pro – $179.99 – $212.99

Amazon US || Amazon UK || International

Not to be confused with the SJ8 Air or SJ8 Plus, the SJ8 Pro is SJCam’s premium device featuring real 4K at 60 frames per second. That means it can be slowed down to half speed and be the normal frame rate of most Youtube videos! There’s a large vibrant touch screen and top tier stabilisation. This has 95% of the features and performance of our next step up cam for half the cost. But, if you are going all-out, there’s one clear choice.

5. GoPro Hero 7 Black – $399.99

Amazon US || Amazon Canada || Amazon UK

This is the camera to get if you have the budget. The stabilisation is some of the best seen on an action cam and it features all the professional settings and resolutions that one would expect from a top-tier action cam. Plus, unlike many of the other cameras listed above, it has a domestic warranty. If you’re the kind of person who values buying the brand name or you want the best of the best, grab this camera and don’t look back.

Hope this list has helped you choose an action cam for Christmas. If I missed any you’d recommend, let me know in the comments below!

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