A95x Android TV Box Review

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Rating: 3.5/5

What I Like: 

  • Fast processing speed for applications and user interface
  • Android UI allows installation of most android apps and custom launchers
  • Smooth playback of HD video files
  • Micro SD port to expand internal memory is easy to load card in/out of
  • Wi-Fi is stable and LAN port works fine
  • Excellent keyboard/trackpad combo included

What I Don’t Like:

  • Device gets very hot under load
  • 1GB ram can be limiting
  • No Bluetooth, only 2 USB ports

Summary:  The A95x TV box has decent performance at an economical cost, and this package includes a nice keyboard/trackpad combo to add. The only concern I have is that it gets quite hot and there is no Bluetooth built in. If those things aren’t deal breakers, this kit is a good basic Android box for streaming movies and television.

Where to Buy

Yfeel A95x Android TV Box:
Amazon U.S.A. | Amazon Canada
Price at time of review: $29.00 (No Keyboard), $44.99 (With Keyboard)


Right away it’s worth noting that 1GB of ram is going to be a big limitation of this box, and with only 8GB of internal memory a separate micro SD card will be required to store any movies. The box works great for KODI and other TV playback, but is limited by its storage space and ram. Out of the box, without any additional apps set up or installed, it was consistently using 60-70% of its memory. I would highly recommend the 2GB ram version of this model for this reason. In terms of build, it’s plastic, but it feels well built. The box only has 2 USB ports and no Bluetooth. That means any external peripherals connected will use up one of two USB ports. At least the USB ports powered a small hard drive, a keyboard and a mouse without issue.


The S905 processor is blazing fast, but does it ever get hot! I ran the Antutu stress test, and after a couple minutes it began to throttle itself to 75% performance. Throughout the remainder of the test it jumped between 75 and 100% performance. This is still adequate for basic gaming, but plan to keep this TV box in an area with decent airflow as it gets very hot to the touch under load. When watching movies/TV with Kodi it does not get as hot thankfully, and performance is fine all around. The frame rate is smooth with 1080p (I have no 4K hardware to test it with) and audio sounds great. I was able to play Playstation games with the Classicboy emulator no problem, but once I started to install other apps, performance slowed a little due to the lower ram. It wasn’t enough to bother me, but again I will note that this box is best for streaming movies, tv, music and basic games. Any heavy processing or gaming should be left to something with more ram.


Android 5.0 for TV boxes is great. It’s clean looking, transitions are smooth and it is easy to set up and use even with a remote. The UI is easy to change if desired, with a custom rom or custom launcher (I personally like Nova Launcher).


The keyboard/trackpad combo included with this kit is solid. Every button has a nice click to it and the grip is slightly textured where my hands hold it. The trackpad is small, but accurate, with one and two finger touches activating properly. It took a little bit to get used to for typing, but now I find I can type enough for a TV box and typing short e-mails reminds me of my ancient cellphone with a physical keypad. Those memories are good though. The battery is rechargeable, and its life is good too. In the two weeks I’ve been testing the device I have not needed to recharge it.


This A95x is a good value TV box bundle, with fast processing and a nice keyboard. The 1GB ram version will work best for users who plan to watch TV, movies and install limited apps, but as with any TV box I advise spending a little bit more for a 2GB/16GB version as there will be far more space to install apps and better performance overall.

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