AYL SoundFit Plus Review

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Summary: The AYL SoundFit Plus has decent performance, especially given its relatively cheap cost. The build quality seems solid enough that it will last some abuse and the sound is good, although the bass is a little soft for my tastes.


Build Quality & Appearance

I’m a big fan of the rugged look and to me this speaker looks great. It has a nice balance between strength and size, as it is fairly streamlined. The entire speaker is coated in a solid rubber and all the ports are covered with waterproof caps. The speaker has a bit of heft to it and the weight is quite heavy. It feels solid in my grip. There are no noticeable gaps or edges in the rubberized coating and everything is solidly in place. The speaker is slightly smaller than I expected  but feels overall well made.

Audio Quality

In terms of audio quality, this speaker has a noticeable edge towards mids and high tones. It results in clear and detailed sound, though at times I find myself wanting for more bass. Those who like classical and soft rock music will enjoy this speaker the most, as well as those who priority clarity over booming bass. It’s a size limitation more than anything, and in my opinion this is one of the better sounding speakers at its pricepoint. One thing I noticed is how loud the speaker can get. I was able to max out the volume without distortion, and it was too loud for me to comfortably listen to in my bedroom without disturbing my landlords. At higher volumes the sound is richer than low volumes, and the bass gets heavier as if it is curved for more impact when the speaker is turned up. This is a little disappointing becuase high volumes show what the speakers drivers are capable of, but at moderate to low volumes the bass is too quiet.

Battery Life

Battery performance is excellent with this speaker. I clocked in at least 10 hours of constant music at a middle volume level. That’s essentially an entire day of listening for the average person.

Connectivity & Signal

One thing I like about this speaker is how far the Bluetooth goes. I found that it would stay connected even with a wall between myself and the speaker. With line of sight, I got about 30 feet before it started to occasionally stutter, and as soon as I stepped outside of my house it started to break up.

Other Notes

The included lanyard is made from silicone or rubber and is far stronger than ones made from cloth. When the speaker connects and disconnects from a Bluetooth device, the confirmation sounds it makes are extremely loud and there is no way to turn them down.


Overall I found this speaker to have decent sound performance and a strong build. The only thing that would push it to a higher rating would be a bit more bass at quiet volumes.

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