This little lens kit is well built and image quality is fine – assuming the lenses are dead center on the camera. It’s a bit of a challenge to get them there, and I noticed that on my LG G4 in particular it was a bit difficult to get consistent image quality throughout the frame because the lenses would be bumped and slid around while shooting.

After a week of playing with the S7 Edge, I’ve decided that I’m going to keep my LG for now. Even as a professional photographer the difference in the rear camera is not noticeable enough that I want to move to Samsung. Perhaps it was all the hype that played it up, or perhaps it was something else, but while I was impressed with the camera on this phone I wasn’t blown out of the water.

The KF-570ii is quite a good piece of kit with a decent build quality and bright output. This flash has a lot of power, but it tends to be focused on the center of the image. This means that the flash would be best used in a studio setting as a manual remote flash with a diffuser such as a softbox. You must understand what you are purchasing before you buy: this is a fully manual flash, meaning it will not automatically determine exposure. If you can find a use for a fully manual flash this is a good product to consider.

The Blu Win Jr has one of the worst cameras I’ve seen on a Smartphone made in the last 6 years. The front camera is somehow even worse than that. The camera requires the utmost care to get images that are acceptable and may not even be useful in an emergency.