The Solove battery pack is a great piece of equipment with a huge capacity and excellent build. I would recommend this battery bank for someone who likes travelling multiple days without access to mains power or wants a battery bank that’ll charge a phone or a tablet multiple times. It’s not a pocket friendly charger but it would go great in a backpack or for camping.

The OVEVO Bluetooth headphones look great and the cable is the perfect length to not interfere while exercising. Unfortunately they are marred by poor audio quality that is heavily weighted towards treble. Forget any bass, it’s just a dull, uninspired blip in the background. Perhaps it’s sample variation, but unfortunately my copy just won’t work for me.

The Q9 headphones are an inexpensive set of Bluetooth headphones that look good and have acceptable audio quality with deep bass and rich mids. Fans of bassy music will like these headphones the most – their bass is strong, but at times can muddy the treble. They’re not at clear as my current favorite sport headphones, the Mpow Swift, but most won’t notice the difference unless they have the two sets to compare.

At work we use a couple Brother laser printers internally for non-important documents, mainly copies of customer invoices and printing e-mails for hard copy backups. This means that we’re going through a toner cartridge every week, and the OEM carts are insanely expensive (more than we spent on the printer). I made the suggestion that we should try some 3rd party / remanufactured carts in order to save a few hundred dollars a month in toner so we gave these a shot. The idea was that even if only 1/3 carts worked we’d still be in the green compared to OEM prices.

I gave a glowing review of this speaker because I think it’s great, but do keep in mind that is is a small speaker. At this price point it is possible to get a much larger Bluetooth speaker that will sound better. In comparison to other pocket speakers I’ve bought (and even some larger ones) this is the best sounding one I have tried so far. As long as your expectations are in line with the size and a compact speaker is something you are in the market for, you will likely feel the same way I do about it. It’s not going to have the oomph of something 10x its size, but it really does hit a good balance in terms of sound quality and size. It’s rare that I’m this excited about a product but I believe that my long search for the perfect small Bluetooth speaker is finally over.

I bought the AmazonBasics head strap because my action cam didn’t come with one. My helmet is a bit of an odd design so the sticky action cam mounts wouldn’t hold well on it, but this solved the problem completely. What I like best about it is the slight anti-slip coating on the inside of the straps. Previous straps (for both action cam and headlights) I have owned lacked this coating and they were prone to flying off at random. The AmazonBasics strap doesn’t slip at all, resulting in steadier footage and peace of mind knowing my expensive cam isn’t going to go flying into some shrub. I highly recommend this purchase if you’re looking for a helmet mount. I’ve been very happy with my purchase so far.

VR is still in its infancy and there are a lot of kinks that need to be worked out. I was all excited to receive a VR headset, but alas… On the surface, the Telmu VR headset is a nice offering, with a substantially better build quality than Google Cardboard (cause it’s made of plastic, who’d’a thought?), but that’s where the good things end. This headset is significantly heavier than cardboard and borders on downright uncomfortable on my face.

The KF-570ii is quite a good piece of kit with a decent build quality and bright output. This flash has a lot of power, but it tends to be focused on the center of the image. This means that the flash would be best used in a studio setting as a manual remote flash with a diffuser such as a softbox. You must understand what you are purchasing before you buy: this is a fully manual flash, meaning it will not automatically determine exposure. If you can find a use for a fully manual flash this is a good product to consider.