Rating: 3.5/5

What I Like: 

  • Successfully locks and unlocks computer by proximity
  • Able to adjust the distance that will lock the computer when you walk away
  • Tiny enough to fit on a key chain without taking up much space
  • Easy set up and straightforward installation
  • Locate keys easily by proximity through phone app
  • Solid build quality and nice texture
  • Automatically locks computer if USB dongle is removed

What I Don’t Like:

  • Takes CR2032 watch batteries (not rechargeable)
  • Doesn’t have options for password management outside of log on/off
  • Software is not password protected and can easily be closed/disabled
  • Occasional false-positives thinking it is removed from the room

Conclusion: The Gatekeeper is a simple device to lock and unlock a computer based on proximity to the USB receiver. It works well enough. Every time I walk up to my computer it unlocks and when I walk away it locks again. It would do great in a sensitive workplace environment, for the simple fact that it will lock a computer when the user walks away in the event that the user forget. For home users it may be a little more limited in application. I wish it worked in tandem with some password management software such as an add-on to Chrome/Firefox so that while the user is in proximity to their computer all of their passwords are automatically entered. That would be an amazing thing to have so that anyone who uses my computer will not have access to my online accounts. Setup of the device is very simple. After installing the software, all it took was plug and play and the device was ready to go. I got a few false positives with the lock function set too close, but once I set it to the middle or far settings it was fine. One thing worth noting: the software will not allow the computer to unlock if the keychain is not in range so if the battery dies it’ll be necessary to replace. Too bad it’s an expensive watch battery and not rechargeable. The software does have a general indication of the battery level at  least. In terms of build quality, the Gatekeeper is well made, with a smooth rubbery texture on the outside and a metal ring that clips to a key chain. After a week there are minimal scratches and dings on the device and it seems to hold up well. The software itself is very straightforward and easy to use, but at this time it is not password protected, so it can be uninstalled or disabled by anyone using the computer. Overall, the Gatekeeper 2.0 is good albeit limited in its current form. It needs a few more features to reach its full potential for home users.

Where to Buy

Gatekeeper 2.0:
Amazon U.S.A. | Amazon Canada
Price at time of review: $59.99

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