Seree / Sere HDV-301 Camcorder (iFlying 1080p Camcorder Review)

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Seere HDV-301


Build Quality


Video - Day


Video - Night


Audio Quality


Still Images


User Interface


Battery Life


The Good

  • Bright screen

The Bad

  • Below average battery life
  • Video stutters and lags
  • Video is nowhere near HD
  • Body is already falling apart
  • Films in AVI format
  • Digital zoom is not smooth
  • NOT HD or 24MP AT ALL

Note: This review also applies to the “IFLYING Camcorder 1080P 16X Digital Zoom” currently recommended as “Amazon’s Choice” on Do not buy this camera. Every single positive review currently on that product is fake. Read this review for an honest opinion on that camera, and watch the video for samples of how trash this camera truly is.

I would highly recommend avoiding this camera. So much so that I haven’t even included links to buy it. From the outside the camera looks like any ordinary camcorder, but it has poor quality video in almost all situations. It is advertised as HD capable but the only usable format is 480p.

Build Quality & Appearance

On first glance, the camera looks like any other camcorder. It feels a little plastic, but otherwise it’s not too bad. The first issues became apparent when I opened the camera: the little clip that holds the battery in place snapped right off. To get the camera to work for the rest of the review I needed to tape the battery in place. It was a forewarning to what I would see in the next category:

Video Quality

Calling this camera HD is a joke. It is nowhere near capable of HD video. Inside is a Sunplus processor that was designed for standard definition. It was never made for even 720p. Needless to say the video the camera takes looks awful. It jumps and stutters and lags with any sort of action. Transitions between dark and light sections are not smooth. There is a decent amount of detail, but it quickly becomes lost in oblivion as frames blur together. Night video is worse than day, too. The digital zoom is choppy and jumps in segments instead of being smooth.

Photo Quality

The still photos this camera takes are nowhere near 24 MP. The sensor inside is only 5MP. The photos look OK, surprisingly. Almost good, were they not such low resolution.

Battery Life

The battery on the camera held up surprisingly well despite being taped in. I was shocked to see it last almost an hour of filming with the screen on, playing with menus and adjusting settings. Considering the otherwise poor quality this part was actually acceptable.

Screen, Buttons & U.I.

The screen looks good but the touch input basically doesn’t work. The buttons on the camera are no intuitive to navigating the user interface. It makes things difficult for set up and use of this camera.


I don’t use the word terrible lightly, but I really dislike that a company thinks they can get away with this blatant false advertising. The worst part is that the Amazon reviews on this camcorder are generally positive. The standard def mode does work fine, and were it advertised as a standard definition camcorder it would be ok, but because it is advertised as HD ready and the video is such a useless mess, I cannot under any circumstances recommend anyone buy this camera. Get a cheap mobile phone that does HD video instead. For the money its quality will be vastly superior to this device.

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