The GGMM M3 is a head-turner, with beautiful design and great sound to match. The bass is deep, the mids are warm and the treble is clear. This speaker is best for those who like heavy bass but don’t want to compromise on tonal range. The Bluetooth and line-in work great, but the wi-fi could use some refinement. The Android app is very limited and the only way to play audio from an Android phone. The app can’t even play FLAC files. On a computer the Wi-Fi works better. After installing the Windows program the speaker showed up as an audio device as if it was plugged straight in and would play audio from any program. There is some lag, though so it wouldn’t be ideal for watching TV or movies. Overall, this speaker looks and sounds fantastic, but be prepared to use it primarily with line-in and Bluetooth, at least until there are some improvements in the Wi-Fi app.

The GGMM Alauda headphones strike a good balance between audio quality, size and comfort. These headphones will be particularly enjoyed by those who prefer a flatter and more balanced sound profile as they are weighted a bit towards treble. That’s not to say they completely forgo the bass though – what’s there is detailed and can be punchy. They are comfortable, look good and sound good too.