hawkeye q5 pro dashcam mounted in car

Summary The Hawkeye Q5 Pro does the dashcam thing decently. It is well built and looks handsome. It turns on with the car, starts recording, and stops recording when the drive is over. Video and audio quality are fine overall, with the front video quality having a ton of detail. The camera has a lot of potential for excellence, but some firmware issues hold it back. Namely, the camera was filming at 25FPS and wrote a 30FPS file. As well, some tweaking to noise reduction…Continue Reading “Hawkeye Q5 Pro Dashcam Review – 1440p + 1080p”

Near the end of 2019, more budget dual dashcams have popped up that can record higher than 1080p resolution with their front facing cameras. The Hawkeye Q3 Pro is the first example I have tested personally and the results speak for themselves: this camera has significantly easier license plate readability versus dual 1080p cameras. The Q3 Pro is an excellent example of a budget dual dashcam with decent forward facing video in day and night and an acceptable rear camera to boot.