Telmu VR Headset Review

Categories Computer and Accessories

Rating: 2/5

What I Like: 

  • Decent build quality with solid plastic shell and magnetic clasp
  • Access holes for charging and headphone ports
  • Thick padding around eyes is more comfortable than many competitors

What I Don’t Like:

  • Requires a separate Bluetooth button or OTG keyboard/mouse to operate with Google Cardboard App
  • Unable to properly focus with my (normal) vision
  • Heavy and uncomfortable – especially on the bridge of the nose since there is no padding there
  • Thick padding around the eyes, while nice to have, can get VERY hot especially when running labor intensive VR apps
  • As with any VR headset, there is no access to the touch screen, so it will require an external mouse to properly navigate

Conclusion:  VR is still in its infancy and there are a lot of kinks that need to be worked out. I was all excited to receive a VR headset, but alas… On the surface, the Telmu VR headset is a nice offering, with a substantially better build quality than Google Cardboard (cause it’s made of plastic, who’d’a thought?), but that’s where the good things end. This headset is significantly heavier than cardboard and borders on downright uncomfortable on my face. The nose isn’t padded and the plastic presses into the bridge of my nose, leaving me with a headache. I couldn’t imagine wearing it for more than half hour at a time, as the padding gets hot and sweaty. Since there is no ‘button’ built in, it isn’t possible to use the Google Cardboard app without pairing additional devices. And sadly I could not get it to properly focus with my vision (which is considered normal). To get close to focused I needed to have everything extended as far as possible, but even then it was still blurry. What I could see, while holding the VR googles off of my face was generally clear, with little distortion or colour issues. You may have better luck with it than I did, but I don’t believe this headset is an ideal fit for everyone – at least until Telmu works out some of the kinks.

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