V4Ink TN-420 TN-450 Re-manufactured Toner Cartridge Reviews

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What I Like: 

  • Smooth and consistent print output
  • Solid and deep black output
  • Good resolution for images
  • Easy installation
  • 1/10th the cost of a single OEM toner
  • Lasts about the same as an OEM toner

What I Don’t Like:

  • Occasional toner smudges at beginning of cartridge

Conclusion:  At work we use a couple Brother laser printers internally for non-important documents, mainly copies of customer invoices and printing e-mails for hard copy backups. This means that we’re going through a toner cartridge every week, and the OEM carts are insanely expensive (more than we spent on the printer). I made the suggestion that we should try some 3rd party / remanufactured carts in order to save a few hundred dollars a month in toner so we gave these a shot. The idea was that even if only 1/3 carts worked we’d still be in the green compared to OEM prices. The cartridges arrived in a big box, wrapped in thick bubble plastic. From my experience with the first two toners, text output is generally crisp and in blind tests most of my colleagues I showed couldn’t tell the difference between the original toner and the V4ink. I did notice a little bit of smudging and ‘haloing’ (slight toner splatter) around letters at the beginning of the cartridge but that seemed to resolve itself after about 50 prints. We’ve had no issue printing barcodes, b+w pictures or QR codes and overall the toners last about the same as an OEM did. In my opinion, for home users or those who work at a business that print a large number of documents, these toner cartridges could save an insane amount of money. I will continue to update this review if there are any issues with the 3rd cartridge.

Authors note: These cartridges were tested with an OEM Brother printer drum. It was necessary to reset the toner print count to proceed. Open the front cover and do the following: 1) Turn the printer off with the power switch. 2) Hold Go/Start and switch the printer on until all lights illuminate. 3) Release Go/Start. 4) Press Go/Start 2 times. Wait 10 seconds. Press Go/Start 5 times. The toner light should be off and the paper light should be on. Error may flash. 5) Close the cover and Ready will be the only light illuminated.

Where to Buy

V4Ink TN-450 TN-420 Toner Cartridges:
Amazon U.S.A. | Amazon Canada
Price at time of review: $34.99

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