Viofo A139 – The Best 3-Channel Dashcam to Buy in 2022

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Viofo A139


Video Quality - Front Day


Video Quality - Front Night


Video Quality - Interior


Video Quality - Rear


Audio Recording


Build Quality


The Good

  • Great overall video quality
  • Super capacitor for reliability
  • Top notch audio recording
  • Thin wires simplify installation
  • Parking modes available

The Bad

  • App is still a bit fussy, and is required for set up
  • Some reports of overheating with long term parking modes

The Viofo A139 is a solid 3-channel choice with excellent overall video quality, decent reliability and a whole host of features. It represents one of Viofo’s forays into the midrange dashcam market, and upholds the brands positive reputation as a quality manufacturer.

It’s tough to write a review that is so positive without sounding like a shill, but it’s rare that there are no odd quirks with installation and everything just works. To me, the best dashcam is the kind that is easy to install, the driver forgets about it, and it’s reliable when it’s needed. Once this camera was set up, that was more or less it, and the camera sat in the car for a couple weeks just doing its thing. And when we needed the footage for the review, everything was exactly as expected.

Here are a few still image samples. There are tons of video samples in the Youtube Review above. In conclusion this is the 3-channel dashcam to buy currently for Uber, Lyft, ridesharing and anyone who wants to capture their cars interior at the same time as their drive. Stay tuned for the Viofo T130 review coming soon!

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