Volutz Equilibrium Micro USB Cables Review

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Build Quality




Charge Speed




The Good

  • Fantastic packaging
  • Cables of all lengths available
  • Full fast charging even with 10ft cable
  • Nice smooth 'click' when connecting

The Bad

  • Friends keep stealing them from me

Design and Build Quality

I’m a bit of a cable fanatic and I believe I’ve found my new go-to for USB cables. Even inside of the box, they stand out. And once they are unpacked, the cables look even more fantastic. The wide head allows for easy grip for unplugging and plugging back. And the inclusion of multiple lengths in the same package is one of the best features. It saved me from having to buy multiple USB cables from different vendors.

One thing I noticed immediately when plugging these into my device are the way they ‘click’ into place. It is an satisfying feeling and ends up holding the cable in place very well.

The only downside is how stiff these cables are. They’re quite heavy and even the 3-feet cables are not compact compared to other styles of cable. This does mean that they’re quite rugged and can take a beating.

Charging Performance

These cables are full speed ahead! My device charged faster than it ever did with the other cables I own. I was able to fast charge at 9V as well as do a standard 2.4A charge on the 10ft USB cable. 


These cables are definitely recommended by me if you’re looking for a high quality cable that will last through some abuse.

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