Zoom HB-875 Ultra Budget Mountain Bike Disc Brakes Review | Uncomfortably Inexpensive from AliExpress

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Zoom HB-875




Ease of Installation






Build Quailty


The Good

  • Handsome Appearance
  • Easy to Install
  • Decent amount of power

The Bad

  • Potential longevity issues due to low price
  • Check these brakes every time you use them to ensure they still work!

I would go with the Shimano brakes instead on the same link even though they’re a few $ more for the set and a bit uglier. Thing is, even if these brakes are a clone of something reliable, the fact is that the quality control, packaging and shipping could cause potential issues. However I didn’t die while trying out these brakes and I feel like this brand of brake might be something used in cheap bikes you’d find at Walmart or other department stores. Longevity may not be great, however, they’re not going to fail immediately. If you buy a product like this I would recommend checking them before every ride to ensure the bolts are tight and the cables are not leaking. I wouldn’t recommend going this cheap. Living is more important than $5 here and there!

They’re still going fine after 6 months. A little bit squishy, but still fine.

Note: These use Shimano Brake Pad A01S, so I was mistaken in the video.

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