Blue Yeti


Build Quality


Audio Quality


Surround Isolation


Background Noise


Ease of Use


The Good

  • Super solid metal build quality
  • Warm, rich sound quality
  • Plug and play
  • Long USB cable included

The Bad

  • Bulky
  • Requires a wind sock


The Blue Yeti is one of the better mics for beginner Youtubers. In this video, I put it head to head with my old setup, a $5 LAV mic I purchased off of Amazon several years back. Surprisingly the difference in audio quality under a perfect setup isn’t that great. The LAV mic is significantly quieter until it is boosted in post (the volume has been corrected for this video), and there’s a lot more background hiss. The Blue Yeti is far better at picking up voices that are more distant from it. But overall the difference is not as great as I expected under ideal conditions. That being said I do still highly recommend the Blue Yeti for starter Vloggers as it is solidly built and has good audio quality but this proves that it’s not the end-all solution and there are less expensive ways to get started.

Links to Buy

Amazon USA || Amazon Canada || Amazon UK

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