This is the second set of MT-200 brakes I have bought, and whether they are real Shimano or not is kinda up to question. However after 1 year of riding on them I can say that quality, longevity and performance has been good enough to highly recommend if you want to swap your bike over to disc brakes but don’t want to spend $100 – $300 doing it. These brakes perform well, are fairly sleek and easy to work on. It’s actually cheaper to replace the entire brake set than it is to get a bleed or cable extension done at a local shop! All that being said I’m very happy with this purchase and even over a year later I continue to use these brakes without issue.

This is a desktop PC build suitable for 4K gaming, high resolution video editing and more. There were a couple places that corners could be cut to make it cheaper, but I was primarily interested in a computer that would survive long term and be suitable for upgrades. After being burned by the lack of upgradability to my last AMD desktop (it was an AM3+ socket, which did not have an upgrade path) I was hesitant to go with them again, however the value for…Continue Reading “A $1,500 Gaming and Video Editing Monster – The Best $1500 Desktop Build May 2020 (Hopefully)”

The Ele Rexso K is based on a Hi3559 Processor and 16MP Panasonic MN34210 sensor. The camera performs best in its native 4K 30FPS resolution, with 1080p and 2K modes not being as sharp as competitors. Audio is quiet. Video is pretty good at night with lots of detail, however there is a decent amount of noise introduced. The user interface can be somewhat confusing but it is straightforward enough once you figure it out.

I saw this on AliExpress as I was buying a mic adapter. And, well, yeah. It does actually turn on. But I can’t really get it to recharge unless it’s plugged into a computer. If anyone who knows circuit boards better than me can take a look at the circuit board pic (starting at 9:10) and has some feedback I’d appreciate a comment!