GGMM E5 Bluetooth Speaker Review

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GGMM E5 Bluetooth Speaker


Build Quality


Audio Clarity








Ease of Use


Battery Life


The Good

  • Exquisite build quality
  • Beautiful retro design
  • Clear and loud audio
  • Great battery life
  • Easy to tweak audio with bass/treble knobs
  • Can use Google Assistant

The Bad

  • Bass could be stronger
  • Uses non-standard cable to recharge instead of micro USB

This speaker has decent sound and looks good. I compared it to my favorite speaker I’ve used in this price range (a UE Roll II that a friend owns) and found the audio in many cases was improved with slightly deeper bass and more volume. That being said with a design like this it is difficult for the speaker to produce the deepest bass tones (bass requires moving air and a flat body with a closed back does not have as much air moved) so if you’re looking for really low bass found in rap and some electronic music you’re gonna have to go for something a bit bigger.

Video Transcript

Hey, Dreki here and today I am reviewing the GGMM E5 speaker. This is a mid-size bluetooth speaker that represents decent value, outperforming many of the speakers I tested it against in the same price range.

The design of the speaker is handsome. The front is a simple white mesh. The little silver knobs and a leather handle gives the speaker a retro look. The back plate is a textured plastic. The trade off for this design elegance is the lack of any waterproofing or ruggedizing – I would take extra caution around sand or water with this speaker. Despite lacking waterproofing the speaker does feel fairly solid. Everything feels strong and there’s no flex to it. On the back of the speaker is the charging cable and a 1A usb output. The charging cable is not your typical micro USB. Instead of charging the speaker by USB, GGMM opted for a wall plug.

In terms of audio quality the E5 is capable of filling a small to midsize room with sound. The speaker does an excellent job with pop, country, soft rock, metal and classical, with balanced tones and great response throughout the audible range. People who listen to these genres primarily will prefer the speaker over those who listen to music that makes use of low low bass tones such as Rap and R&B. To produce low bass a speaker needs to move air, so the flat deisgn of this speaker limits how low the bass can go. Those genres sound fine for the most part, as it was only two or three times that I noticed the speaker unable to produce lowest tones that a rap song had in it. I’m also guessing that the subwoofers are passive, meaning unpowered. I want to note that this is similar to every other speaker I’ve tested in this price range. For most genres the E5 has bass, and plenty of it. There is also an adjustment knob to increase bass or treble and tweak the audio to personal preference.

I tested this speaker against my previous favorite, the UE roll 2. Audio fares better on the E5 in most genres with slightly richer and warmer sound. The only benefit to going with something like the UE Roll over a speaker like this would be the ruggedizing.

Here’s an audio sample: [please watch video for sample].

In conclusion, GGMM hits home with looks and delivers above average audio for the price. At 99 USD it has decent sound for the price

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