Single’s Day 2018 – China’s Biggest Sale

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11.11 is China’s biggest sale day – potentially bigger than Black Friday! There’s tons of deals out there if you do your due diligence and keep in mind some of the techniques that sellers use to try and entice you to buy things that are not on sale.

Gearbest Sale || AliExpress Sale

Best deals I’ve found:

Make sure you do your research. Some sellers inflate cost to make it look like their item is a great deal. Other sellers will actually sell for higher than normal. Also pay attention to shipping prices as sometimes that makes the difference between deal or dull.

  • Cheap memory cards, SD cards, Micro SD Cards, flash drives
  • Cheap USB-C cables, USB-C accessories
  • Cheap tablets that don’t have name brand specs (processor, ram, memory)

Note that Chinese sellers do take a while to ship, expect the item 2 – 5 weeks after purchasing. Keep in mind warranty service is difficult to receive should the device not function as intended.

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