8bitdo Zero Mini Gamepad Review

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8BitDo Zero


Build Quality


Button Feel




Battery Life


Wireless Signal/Lag


The Good

  • Reasonably comforatable over long game sessions (I have smaller hands)
  • Minimal Lag
  • Long battery life
  • Buttons feel responsive

The Bad

  • Occasional issues reconnecting after disconnection
  • Missing some buttons for AAA games

The 8bitdo Zero is a tiny gamepad meant to replace on-screen buttons for phone games, that also works well for emulation. The build quality is pretty solid and the shoulder buttons have a nice click. Just keep in mind that this thing is TINY! It might not be the best device for someone with bigger hands. Also, it is missing some buttons compared to an Xbox controller, so don’t expect to play AAA titles on the go with it.

It is reasonably comfortable as long as your hands are not too big, the build is decent and the buttons work well, so it’s got my recommendation. I would love to see a controller like this with a joystick instead of the d-pad.

Please watch the video for more information.

Where to Buy

8Bitdo Zero on Amazon USA

8Bitdo Zero on Amazon Canada

8Bitdo Zero on Amazon UK

International (Cheaper) Link

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