Aokey 10W Bluetooth Speaker Review

Categories Headphones and Speakers

Rating: 2/5

What I Like: 

  • It connects and plays music
  • Battery life is pretty long
  • Bass is acceptable at loud volumes

What I Don’t Like:

  • Audio sounds flat and hollow, especially at lower volumes
  • Build quality is excessively cheap
  • Plastic scuffs and picks up fingerprints easily
  • Bluetooth confirmation voice has serious grammar issues
  • The speaker had fallen apart during shipping
  • Battery arrived completely dead because speaker was left powered on during transport
  • Buttons occasionally require two presses to function
  • Line-in cable crackles a little

Conclusion:  Not to be confused with Aukey (although I am sure Aokey would love you to be confused). The Aokey 10W Bluetooth speaker is a cheap little device – and its cheapness shows. The body is shiny plastic that picks up an insane amount of fingerprints and scuffs easily. My speaker already looks well-used despite only having it a week and keeping it on my table most of the time. The body is made from thin, flexible plastic and when it arrived one of the mesh panels had partially fallen off and needed to be clipped back into place. That’s not a good first impression. To make matters worse, I’m not particularly enthusiastic about the audio quality. The speaker does have some bass at higher volumes, but at mid and low volumes the entire system sounds flat and dull. There is a noticeable lack of mid to low tones that makes music sound hollow. At higher volumes it’s OK, but still not great. There is a pretty good ‘bump’ from the bass too. I have another speaker that is 1/8th of the size, half the cost and performs better in terms of audio richness. The reason that the Aokey speaker still gets a 3 is because yes, it does play music. It connects and pairs easily and the battery life is actually quite good. It has an SD card function and a line-in port, though the line-in crackled a bit when I jiggled the cable. I wouldn’t personally recommend this speaker, but if you buy it, it will at least play music if it hasn’t already fallen apart while shipping.

Where to Buy

Don’t bother – there’s far better available for the money.

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