Ele Rexso Explorer Dual Screen Action Cam

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Ele Rexso Explorer




Build Quality


Video - Day


Video - Night


Audio Quality


The Good

  • Beautiful Wine-red Colour
  • Easy to use
  • Decent 1080p 60
  • Good colour balance
  • Cool dual screens

The Bad

  • Fake 4K
  • Video is slightly soft

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The Ele Rexso Explorer Dual is a interpolated 4K action cam based on the Novatek NT96660 processor and an unknown image sensor (likely the Omnivision OV4689, since some spec sheets say “IMX179” but the IMX179 has not been combined with the NT96660 before. This is just a guess, however, so please don’t take it as truth). Externally the camera is near identical to the Firefly 7S, but the video results are quite different. I love this wine-red color it comes in too.

The camera shows promising early results for a Novatek camera. It doesn’t suffer from the blue white balance that many cheaper NT96660 cams do. Additionally, it has real 1080p60 and stabilization. Although the stabilization isn’t as strong as some competitors, it does beat out the SooCoo C30. My copy of the camera processes video slightly soft so I am going to check if it needs to be refocused before doing the final review, or if it’s just the way the camera processes video.

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