Etekcity Programmable Wireless Remote Outlets Review

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Etekcity Wireless Outlets


Basic Functionality


Additional Features


Wireless Reliability




Battery Life


What I Like: 

  • Remotely disable/enable power strips with various electronics on it
  • Works in the adjacent rooms too
  • Wireless functions flawlessly
  • No setup needed. Just install the battery to the remote, plug them in and go
  • Works on almost any grounded outlet

What I Don’t Like:

  • Far too bulky
  • Blocks the lower plug for many devices
  • Only fits in the top plug on an outlet without blocking the other plug
  • Batteries are kind of dated

Conclusion:  The Etekcity Wireless Remote Outlets are functional wireless outlets. I’ve got two of these activating lights around my house and one on my home theater power bar so I don’t have to reach behind the TV every time to turn it on and off. They’ve saved me a lot of effort in that regard and completely cater to my laziness. Set up was super easy too: just plug them in and they worked. There’s no hassle with pairing or WiFi. Unfortunately the implementation is just a little too bulky, and I’ve found that these receivers do not fit with many power bars I own plugged in below just because of how bulky they are: they stick out very far from the plug and also block the 2nd plug on the wall. The round circle of the bottom bulges out and blocks all but the smallest plugs from fitting in the plug below. Because they stick out from the wall an extra 1.5 inches, they may not hide as elegantly behind furniture. These plug adapters receive 4 stars because it’s really cool to be able to walk into my house and press a button or two and everything lights up, but I wish that the implementation was a little more elegant.

Where to Buy

Etekcity Wireless Outlets:
Amazon U.S.A. | Amazon Canada
Price at time of review: $29.99

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