The Best Cheap Action Cam – Part 1

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In the hunt for the best budget 4K action cam from Amazon, we purchased 8 different cameras to test and put in a head to head showdown. Here’s how these head-to-heads will go:

Apeman A77 versus Kammoy 4K

An Interesting Note

I was originally going to review a camera from Victure as it is a more popular and well known brand compared to this generic (Kammoy) camera. However, by the time I went to check out from Amazon, all Victure branded cameras had disappeared from the site.

We theorize that Victure was banned for falsifying reviews as they are part of a larger wave of bans (earlier this month, Aukey and MPOW were banned as well).

Video Quality

There is no comparison. The Apeman A77 wins in every aspect: it appears to be close to real 4K, it has vibrant colours and a real frame rate. There is no EIS on either camera, however, the Apeman is less wobbly. The Apeman A77 easily moves on to the semi-finals.

The Kammoy camera is barely capable of 720p, its colour balance is way too brown/red and the audio quality is quite poor. This camera is very falsely advertised on Amazon and even arrived with the back screen falling off.

Camera Specifications

Vantop Moment 4U versus Dragon Touch Vision 3

Immediately, it is important to note that neither of these cameras are real 4K. They have two different modes of fake 4K: the Dragon Touch Vision 3 and the Vantop 4U create a 4K file but it is upscaled and loses frames so the video looks very stuttery.

At 1080p both cameras film adequate 1080p30. However the colour balance on the Vantop Moment 4U is very blue and the colours do not “pop”. The 4U has basic image stabilization but it does not improve the video quality very much. In fact it lowers the video resolution and causes some frame wobble. However, this camera is by far the best of the MSTAR cameras we will test through the series, despite one of them making the semi-finals in part two. This is due to its touch screen and decent audio quality. We do not recommend buying the Campark, Cooau or Crosstour reviewed in the next video because of the painful user interface and poor video quality characteristics.

The Dragon Touch Vision 3 moves on to the semi-finals because it has better colour balance, decent audio quality, an easy to understand user interface and more details in 1080p60.

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