Generic Q3H-2 Action Cam Review (Gizcam GZ10+ review)

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Rating: 2/5

What I Like: 

  • Surprisingly smooth and detailed 2K video
  • Good color reproduction in most situations
  • Great menu layout
  • Battery door is easy to open

What I Don’t Like:

  • Videos in most resolutions are smudgy and lack detail
  • One side of camera lens is out of focus (quality control issues)
  • Sensor has some serious problems
  • No sounds to confirm recording or stopped recording
  • No stabilization of any sort
  • Camera has translation errors
  • Micro SD card gets stuck in the camera
  • Painfully slow start up sequence

Conclusion:  There’s so many options out there that unfortunately it’s hard to recommend the GZ10+. The copy I got had so many issues that it was barely usable. Even assuming you get a copy that doesn’t have the sensor and quality control issues mine did, this camera does not have a Sony sensor as advertised and for that reason alone I would stay away. The only usable video resolution is 2k30, and while it does look good, it still means you’re missing out on 1080p60 and 720p120. Still images are not very good either, lacking any sort of detail. Overall, I wouldn’t be happy with this camera, and I’d suggest looking into the Soocoo c30. It’s based on a significantly better sensor/processor kit for only a little more money.

Where to Buy

Gizcam GZ10+:
Amazon U.S.A. | Amazon Canada
Price at time of review: $89.99

Video Transcript

Hey. Dreki here and today I’m reviewing the Gizcam GZ10+… flattering name, but it’s the same thing as the generic Q3H. This camera was advertised as having a Sony sensor and an Allwinner v3 processor – but I have my doubts about it actually being Sony. I’d honestly suggest looking elsewhere, as for only a few dollars more there are significantly better cams available.

From the outside the Q3H looks pretty standard. 2-inch screen on the back, that looks good indoors but is quite hard to read in sunlight. The battery door on this camera is far easier to get into than the others. It comes with the standard, cheap quality accessories too. They work fine. One thing that surprised me about this camera is its user interface. The menus and options are quite cleanly laid out. Koodos for that! Now, onto the fun part.

Video quality is a complete mixed bag with this cam. As I said earlier I had my doubts about this being a sony sensor and here’s why: this camera’s ideal resolution, as in, the only usable resolution is 2k30. In 2k30 it looks great, as if it’s a 1:1 readout of the sensor. Images are sharp with a good amount of detail and the video is smooth. Color is OK, too, though the camera tends to underexpose occasionally and jumps between exposure. 2k is about all its got going for it, and it’s not enough to save this camera.

Every other resolution is utter garbage. 1080p60? Trash. 1080p30? a smudgy mess. 4k? Flickery. It’s like the moment this camera has to resize the image its output just sucks. Compare these 1080p freeze-frames between a cheap-o $30 action cam and the Q3H. The lack of detail is just mind blowing ! Check out this comparison footage. When the size is reduced it doesn’t look too bad, but up close you can really see the difference in detail. Still images don’t fare better. in any situation other than perfect lighting, they look like a painting, with details smudged by noise reduction into oblivion.

To add insult to injury, my copy of this camera was seriously flawed: the lens is blurry on the right side, and at any output there’s this strange artifacting near the edges of the sensor. Check out this still image, zoomed close up… That’s not normal! And it’s visible in any solid color frame! It’s even visible in the video!

Overall, this cam is a SKIP. If you want something better in this price range check out the Soocoo c30 as it is based on the IMX078 and Novatek platform which from my experience has been far more reliable in terms of video quality. Plus it has Gyro stabilization!

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