Hawkeye Q5 Pro Dashcam Review – 1440p + 1080p

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hawkeye q5 pro dashcam mounted in car

Hawkeye Q5 Pro


Video Quality - Front Camera Day


Video Quality - Front Camera Night


Video Quality - Rear Camera Day


Video Quality - Rear Camera Night


Audio Quality


Build Quality


User Interface


The Good

  • Decent plate readability even at speed
  • Lots of detail in the front camera video
  • Good night footage
  • Super Capacitor

The Bad

  • Some features missing, such as exposure adjustment, HDR video
  • Wish it came with a CPL filter
  • Front camera has a bit of noise in the video
  • Some other firmware tweaks would be nice to have


The Hawkeye Q5 Pro does the dashcam thing decently. It is well built and looks handsome. It turns on with the car, starts recording, and stops recording when the drive is over. Video and audio quality are fine overall, with the front video quality having a ton of detail. The camera has a lot of potential for excellence, but some firmware issues hold it back. Namely, the camera was filming at 25FPS and wrote a 30FPS file. As well, some tweaking to noise reduction could be used, and there are a few settings missing from the app that would be nice to have. The camera works well enough as it is though.

Side Note

If Wireless Android Auto or Apple Carplay is enabled, you will be unable to connect to this camera while the car is running. I recommend using a battery bank to plug the camera in and change settings, otherwise Android Auto/Apple Carplay will ‘steal’ your wi-fi connection and disconnect from the camera automatically.

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