How to set the Canon Ivy Rec Camera to 1080p 60

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A bunch of reviewers noted that there does not seem to be a way to change their Canon Ivy Rec to 1080p 60 mode. It’s stuck in 1080p or even 720p! If you own an Ivy Rec and you have connected the camera to the app you will notice that there is an easy way to change the photo quality but not the video resolution. Unfortunately, the camera can only film at 720p in live stream mode and there is no way to change this.

However, when the camera is disconnected from the app it will film in 1080p. So here is how to set the camera to its highest resolution, 1080p60.

Changing the resolution on the Ivy Rec is straightforward, however the option is not intuitive to access as it cannot be changed in live streaming mode:

  1. Make sure you have paired the camera with the app in wireless mode. If the camera has not been paired with the app, do so now.
  2. Turn the camera OFF and give the camera a few seconds to fully shut down.
  3. Turn the camera to NORMAL VIDEO MODE. This is not wireless mode. Give the camera 15 seconds to start up fully.
  4. Choose the camera in the app and it will now connect by Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi. (Author’s Note: Sometimes the camera will not connect by Bluetooth unless your phone is connected to another Wi-Fi network such as your home network. This is likely a bug. For best results make sure you are connected to an internet Wi-Fi network.)
  5. Since the camera is in normal video mode and not wireless mode, instead of live streaming video, the camera will give you the option to change video settings.
  6. Select the video resolution you want and click the tick mark to save.

If this was helpful and worked for you please let us know in the comments below. And enjoy using the best resolution your Canon Ivy Rec has to offer! This opens up more possibilities and all the video qualities that the camera advertises.

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