Inatek BTSP-10 Plus Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Inateck BTSP10 Plus


Build Quality


Sound Quality (Treble)


Sound Quality (Bass)






The Good

  • Quite high volume
  • Low distortion
  • Balanced sound

The Bad

  • Needs more bass
  • Some fuzziness to heavy rock music


The Inateck BTSP-10 Plus almost made me believe in portable bluetooth speakers. There’s so many things that are good about this speaker it almost hits the mark of the perfect balance of price and quality. However it isn’t exactly there yet: unfortunately it’s missing a skip track button and the bass occasionally leaves me underwhelmed.

Build Quality and Appearance

The speakers are visually appealing and made of a nice solid plastic. The speaker unit is covered with a grill and the buttons have nice solid clicks to them. One of the things that I noticed immediately is that it does not have track forward / backward buttons. This is an unfortunate omission as now the speaker requires fetching the device it is streaming from to skip tracks.

Audio Quality

Sound quality ranges from excellent to okay depending on the genre. For bass heavy music it is great, but for rock and technical music it tends to distort on the treble a bit. You can hear the compression. This can be somewhat solved with better quality audio files on your source device.

Even for bass heavy music there’s just not enough bass. A little more oomph would’ve been nice. Otherwise the clarity of the sound was great for such a small speaker. I was surprised at the little details I could hear in the mid and high range.

Volume wise it gets LOUD. And there’s no distortion through about 90% of the range. That’s amazing compared to other Bluetooth speaker sets I’ve received.

Battery Life

The battery life is acceptable. It’ll last for a day’s music on medium volume and need to be charged overnight. Of course, the higher the volume on the device the faster the battery will go. But when using it an hour or two a day I only need to charge it about once a week.


I still don’t entirely believe in portable Bluetooth speakers. The sound quality is great for casual listening but for any prolonged entertainment a wired set of speakers will be much higher quality. Nothing beats the portability of these though.

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