Kanen i39 Headphones Review

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Rating: 2/5

What I Like: 

  • Looks quite good
  • The headphones sound OK when using a custom Bass & Treble boost EQ setting

What I Don’t Like:

  • Audio quality is heavily balanced towards mid tones, which makes it sound flat
  • Audio played by these headphones lacks life and is muffled
  • Listening to music with these headphones on default EQ makes me immediately want to change to another set
  • Cable is loose and crackles when bent/twisted
  • Tight fit is a little uncomfortable after some time

Conclusion:  These headphones look really nice, but that’s about all they’ve got going for them. In terms of audio quality, they do not deliver. They sound flat, dull and lifeless. To get a good idea of what these headphones sound like, take a speaker. Listen to it for a bit with the speaker positioned normally. Now, tip the speaker over so it is face down on a thick blanket or carpet. That’s what these headphones sound like in relation to normal headphones. Enabling a custom EQ can fix the audio quality to make it acceptable, almost good. That’s the major reason these headphones received a 2, and not a 1. It goes to show that the cones built into these headphones are not properly optimized and that the headphones are capable of sounding good if they were tweaked right in the factory. But they’re not. In terms of fit, they’re a little too small on my head. At first I didn’t notice, but after a few hours of listening (suffering, more like, until I got the EQ right), my ears started to cramp up. Another thing I noticed is that the cable plug is a little loose. Wiggling it or jiggling it causes it to crackle in my device. On a whole, these headphones are disappointing and subpar product, especially since they look so nice. I gave them a 2 because you will get music out of them, but they will only sound good if you have no idea what music should sound like or you just don’t care. In that case, go to your local dollar store and get yourself one of their $3.00 sets of headphones because the performance is about the same.

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