Generic Surface Pro 2 Charger Review

Categories Computer and Accessories

Rating: 3/5


This product is sold under several different brand names including Egoway, Zodiac, Runpower etc. For a generic charger it does fine, with about the same charge speed as the original cable. The ends fit together fine. The cable is almost identical to the original, in build quality and design which is both a good and a bad thing. The good part is that it has a USB port built into it so I can charge my phone at the same time as my computer. The bad part is that the parts connecting the cable to the power brick are of poor design. I also notice that it gets much warmer than the original cable. Since the build quality is about the same as the original cable, if you’re looking for something that will last a little bit longer maybe look elsewhere, or go onto Youtube and look for tutorials that describe how to toughen up cables with some heat shrink. It’ll be a decent replacement if you treat it nice, but try and find something a little higher quality if you are the type to throw around your cables a lot.

Durability is mixed. I prefer the Surface Pro 2 Charger with Qualcomm Fast Charge adaptor I got off of AliExpress instead (despite the fact that it gets a lot hotter).

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