MGCool Explorer 3 Unboxing and First Look Review

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Akaso V50 Pro


Build Quality


Video Quality - Day


Video Quality - Night


Stabilisation Quality


Photo Quality


Ease of Use


Battery Life


The Good

  • Bright, vibrant touch screen
  • Real 4K with stabilisation
  • True 14 MP still images
  • Lots of accessories included

The Bad

  • The top buttons are a bit backwards
  • Video quality shows some compression noise
  • Mic quality is iffy

This camera is also known as the Akaso V50 Pro, so you can consider this review as also being an Akaso V50 Pro review.

Note: any compression you’re seeing in the sky is a result of the video being rendered by me, not the camera. There isn’t that much compression noise in the sky normally.


This is an unboxing and initial review of the MGCool Explorer 3. It’s a nice looking camera and that’s what originally drew my attention. I’m a bit disappointed that this cam is missing the 2K resolution that the T5 Edge has, because otherwise I like the way it looks a lot and the menus are easy to navigate. The 2K res and the 4K res on the T5 Edge have the same bitrate which means less compression artifacting on the lower res. I don’t expect this cam will be updated though. MGCool has not had a good history of updating their cameras. Nonetheless it’s definitely worth a consideration and this is likely MGCool’s best camera to date, but if the Edge is cheaper check that out instead.

Where to Buy

Buy T5 Edge: Click here.
Buy this cam: Click here.
Buy Firefly 8S: Click here.

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