Quelime SQ11 Unboxing and Review – This Tiny Camera Cost $8!

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SQ11 Mini Camera


Video - Day


Video - Night


Still Images


Audio Quality


Ease of Use


The Good

  • Surprisingly decent video for $8
  • Keep in mind it's $8
  • Audio is clear and easy to understand

The Bad

  • Video is "barely HD" and not really 1080p
  • Some colour balance issues indoors

It was a surprise that this camera even worked, let alone the video actually being reasonable. Sure, it’s only 720p and the colours are a bit wonky sometimes and the lens is a bit too close up, but at $8 who cares? If you want something with great video quality or longevity this is not the product for you.  No guarantees though. With tech this cheap, quality control can be non-existent.

I had a lot of fun playing with this camera and I certainly got my $8.00 worth.

Where to Buy

Buy it here, and try the coupon code: SQ11AB. There is also a wide-angle version available for a bit more money.

Video Samples

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