SJCam SJ360+ Review

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SJCam SJ360+ Review


Build Quality


Video - Day


Video - Night


Still Images


Stitch Accuracy


Ease of Use


PC Software


The Good

  • True 360 cam with two lenses
  • No smartphone required
  • Straightforward UI

The Bad

  • Extremely low resolution final output
  • Night video is smudged and blurred
  • Some stitching errors at edges of frame
  • No automatic stitching in a usable format
  • Additional software required to properly stitched
  • Limited PC software

Video Samples

The SJCam SJ360+ has a decent design with a form factor that doesn’t require a mobile phone – but that’s about all it has going for it. Unfortunately SJCam chose internal hardware that is only capable of low quality 360 videos, and the result is an output that looks similar to a early 2000s cellphone. In anything but the best light, aggressive noise reduction kicks in and removes any detail. Still photos suffer similarly.

Overall the SJ360+ feels  rushed to market and unfinished. I highly recommend a minimum of 4K for 360-degree video, with 8K being the ideal. I have not tested it yet but video samples from other reviewers make the Mijia 3.5K Panorama Camera seem like a promising budget choice.

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