SJCam SJ8 Plus Review

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SJCam SJ8 Plus


Build Quality


Video - Day


Video - Low Light




Audio Quality


Still Images


Ease of Use


The Good

  • Decent 4K 30FPS (gyro off)
  • Great 1080p 60FPS
  • Giant, bright touch screen
  • Solid build quality
  • Good audio quality
  • Tons of settings and customizations
  • USB-C Charging

The Bad

  • Some stuttering in 4K 30 with gyro on
  • Colour balance issues
  • Serious wind noise with cam outside of waterproof case


The SJCam SJ8 Plus is a great camera, except in one major circumstance: filming in 4K 30FPS with stabilisation turned can cause some stuttering. Despite trying 3 different memory cards, a firmware update and even asking SJCam support we couldn’t get an answer as to why our 4K 30 + Gyro skips and stutters. Occasionally the cam starts duplicating frames for seemingly no reason. Aside from that the camera works great, with decent audio quality, sharp smooth 4K 30 (Gyro OFF), and stabilised 1080p 60. This puts it more in league with cameras such as the Firefly 8SE, which only features stabilised 4K 30. As of now, we can only assume our copy of the camera is defective and that is why ours stutters, however other reviewers don’t seem to have this issue.

This review will be updated if we get an answer and a fix as to why our camera skips. In the meantime, we recommend either stepping up to the SJ8 Pro, or saving some money with the Firefly 8SE.

An extended written review with tons more samples is coming soon. Please hang tight!

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