Solove Titan 20,000 mAh Battery Bank Review

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Rating: 4.5/5

What I Like: 

  • Slim, sleek metal build
  • Beautiful premium design akin to Apple products
  • Includes a felt carrying case and good quality micro USB cable
  • 2.1A input and output
  • Easy to read LED charge indicator

What I Don’t Like:

  • Only one 2.1A output port which is not clearly marked
  • Heavy, large in physical size and definitely not pocketable

Summary:  Albeit a giant, the Solove Titan 20,000 mAh battery bank is one of the best portable charger I’ve reviewed so far, with a long battery life, an excellent build quality and fast charging speeds.

Where to Buy

Solove Titan 20,000 mAh Battery:
Amazon U.S.A. | Amazon Canada
Price at time of review: $34.99

Build Quality & Appearance

The Solove battery pack was one of those rare instances where I open the box and am immediately stunned by the build quality. The device is wrapped in matte aluminium, which gives it a sleek, strong, premium feel. I would go as far as calling it ‘Macbook like’ in terms of the sleek metal finish. While it isn’t unibody it still looks and feels fantastic. There is a good weight to the charger and it is solid in the hands. The Titan includes a nice carrying case as well as the standard cable. The design of the device is great, but it is definitely not pocketable. This is the type of charger I would keep in my car or in a backpack if I need a weekend worth of charging and don’t have access to mains power. If there is one fault I can find with the design of the device, it is the giant “2x” printed on the front. I wish it was just a simple clean logo, but in most lighting (on the pinkish colour at least) it is near invisible so it does not detract enough from the device to reduce its score.

Charging Speed & Efficiency

This battery pack has 20,000 mAh of capacity. I measured it to be on the higher side of efficiency, managing about six full charges of my 3,000 mAh phone. It charges my phone at a consistent 2A speed from one port and 1A from the other. This is a little disappointing, as a power bank this big has enough capacity to be shared between multiple devices. I would have preferred if it was 2A on both ports, but it’s definitely not a deal breaker. The battery bank recharges itself at 2A but it still takes overnight (and then some) to recharge. Expect 10 to 20+ hours charge time depending on the efficiency of your wall charger. Don’t even bother trying to charge it with a computer because it’s too slow.

Other Notes

Even the user manual of this charger is premium, as it is printed on a fine bamboo textured paper. Unfortunately the English translation of the manual isn’t so good, but it looks beautiful anyway.

A bit of an oddity, only the last digit blinks when the charger is charging or discharging. It was weird to get used to, but is a good indication of what is the ‘right way up’ in terms of reading the meter because otherwise it is hard to tell.


The Solove battery pack is a great piece of equipment with a huge capacity and excellent build. I would recommend this battery bank for someone who likes travelling multiple days without access to mains power or wants a battery bank that’ll charge a phone or a tablet multiple times. It’s not a pocket friendly charger but it would go great in a backpack or for camping.

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