iLuv Mobitour ISP-202 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Categories Headphones and Speakers

Rating: 2/5


  • Connected and paired easily


  • Their sound is rather ‘hollow’
  • Lacking clarity, bass and treble
  • Iffy build quality

Summary:  iLuv makes a bunch of high rated bluetooth headphones and speakers on Amazon such as the iLuv TB100 and the iLuv Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker. They also have several products that are rated extremely poorly, like the LEP311 headphones and their AUD Click bluetooth speaker.

Unfortunately, it seems like this product is much in line with the poorly rated products. As far as Bluetooth speakers go, there are far better options in the price range. While they did wirelessly play music, these speakers sound very cheap and overall do not offer much more than you would get if you used the speakers built into your phone. I’d advise looking elsewhere if sound quality and budget prices are your concern.

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