Neewer Lapel/Lavalier Mic Review

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Neewer Lapel Mic


Build Quality


Sound Quality (Treble)


Sound Quality (Bass)


Sound Isolation


Quality Control


The Good

  • Great sound quality when they work

The Bad

  • Poor quality control
  • Easy to lose wind sock
  • Cheap build quality

The quality control issues that plague these microphones make what would be a great deal into a deal breaker.

Build Quality and Appearance

The first thing you notice with these microphones is the plain packaging. This is alright; I’ve had some generic products that worked out quite well. Usually the quality is evident in the product itself. However, this isn’t the case with these. The cheapness is evident immediately upon opening. The cable is thin and the glue is visible on the plastic.

To make matters worse, I ordered a pack of three microphones and only one of them work properly. The other two are plagued with issues – mainly because of how cheap they are. One doesn’t register on the computer when it is plugged all the way into the microphone jack (it works when it’s partially plugged in) and the other has a very tinny annoying audio profile.

Sound Quality

I’ll go into detail about the single microphone that does work properly here: the sound is balanced with a nice amount of emphasis on the bass tones. This gives it a warm profile overall. There is a little bit of background hiss, but it can be easily edited out. The sound quality of the mic that works is actually excellent especially given the price. You may get lucky if you want to take the gamble.

Here is an audio quality test to show the difference between the working mic and the one with audio issues:


Overall, these microphones are a toss up. If you get a good one, the results are pretty fantastic for the money. However, because of the poor quality control I recommend spending a bit more money and getting something that will last longer.

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